TW200 vs XT250 TW200 vs XT250

Having explored the realm of, off road motorcycles extensively I’ve always been captivated by Yamahas lineup, their XT250 and TW200 models. These bikes truly stand out as they cater to riding styles and preferences. Whether you’re tackling terrains or enjoying tranquil trails both these motorcycles promise an experience. My personal journey with these bikes has been enlightening allowing me to appreciate the characteristics of each model. The purpose of this guide is to provide a comparison between the XT250 and TW200 highlighting their features and capabilities. If you’re undecided about which one to choose for your adventures this exploration will help bring clarity and ensure you find the ride, for your needs.

TW200 vs XT250 Overview

Feature/SpecificationYamaha TW200Yamaha XT250
Engine & Fuel200cc, Mikuni 28mm carburetor250cc, Fuel injection
Transmission & Sprockets5-speed manual, 14-tooth front, 50-tooth rear5-speed manual, 15-tooth front, 48-tooth rear
SuspensionFront: 6.3 inches, Rear: 5.9 inchesFront: 8.9 inches, Rear: 7.1 inches
Frame & WeightSteel, 278 poundsSteel, 291 pounds
TiresFront: 130/80-18, Rear: 180/80-14Front: 2.75/21, Rear: 120/80-18
Clearance & Seat Height10.4 inches, 31.1 inches11.2 inches, 31.9 inches
Fuel & Mileage1.8 gallons, 78 miles/gallon2.6 gallons, 76 miles/gallon
BrakfesStandardFront and rear disc brakes
Pros– Unique fat tire design. Reliable for scenic rides. – More affordable.– More power & performance.- Fuel injection.<br>- Superior braking.
Cons– Not for speeds >55 mph.- Limited tire options.– Higher price.- Narrower seat.

TW200 Overview: 

honda TW200 overview honda TW200 overview

The Yamaha TW200 is an off road motorcycle that stands out because of its fat tire design. This design makes it ideal, for navigating terrains, sandy or muddy ones. Although it may not be the bike with its 200cc engine capacity it offers reliability and is perfect for those who prefer a slower more scenic ride. One of the aspects of the TW200 is its affordability, priced at $4,899. Its suspension provides 6.3 inches of travel and 5.9 inches of travel. Despite its frame and weighing in at 278 pounds it boasts a ground clearance of 10.4 inches and a seat height of 31.1 inches. The bikes fuel capacity is 1.8 gallons allowing for a mileage of 78 miles per gallon.

XT250 Overview: 

honda XT250 overview honda XT250 overview

On the hand the Yamaha XT250 is like your standard off road motorcycle but, with a mellow dirt bike appearance. It comes equipped with a 250cc engine compared to the TW200s engine capacity. The XT250 stands out with its fuel injected system which offers advantages in terms of performance and maintenance ease when compared to carbureted systems typically found in motorcycles. Priced higher at $5,299 it features a suspension that provides support with 8.9 inches of front travel and 7..1 inches rear travel.

The XT250 boasts a frame weighing in at 291 pounds. It also offers a ground clearance of 11.2 inches and a seat height of 31.9 inches. With a fuel capacity of 2.6 gallons it achieves a mileage of 76 miles, per gallon. One noteworthy advantage it has over the TW200 is its braking performance thanks, to its rear disc brakes.

Bike Specifications 

When considering whether to choose the Yamaha TW200 or the XT250 it’s important to have an understanding of the specifications, for each motorcycle. This will help potential buyers make a informed decision. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the specifications, for both bikes;


The Yamaha TW200 is priced at $4,899 making it more affordable compared to the XT250, which has a price tag of $5,299. While the price difference may not be significant it could still influence some buyers decisions especially when taking into account the features offered by each bike.

Engine Capacity

The TW200 comes with an engine, which may not be the powerful option available, in the market. However it is known for its reliability. Is suitable for riders who prioritize stability and control. On the hand the XT250 boasts an engine offering more power and potentially delivering better performance especially when riding on challenging terrains.

Fuel Delivery

The fuel delivery mechanisms differ between these two bikes. The TW200 relies on a Mikuni 28 millimeter carburetor, which’s a method that has stood the test of time. In contrast the XT250 utilizes fuel injection, which’s a modern approach that can provide smoother throttle response and adaptability to different elevations and conditions.


Both the TW200 and XT250 are equipped with a 5 speed transmission ensuring riders have gears to choose from based on various terrains and speeds. When it comes to sprockets the TW200 features a sprocket with 14 teeth and a rear sprocket with 50 teeth. On the hand the XT250 has a sprocket with 15 teeth and a rear sprocket with 48 teeth. These variations can significantly impact each bikes performance, particularly when riding off road.


Having suspension is vital for, off road motorcycles. The TW200 provides 6.3 inches of travel suspension and about 5.9 inches of rear travel suspension.

The XT250 offers a ride, on bumpy terrains thanks, to its 8.9 inches of front travel and 7.1 inches of rear travel.

Frame and Tires

Both bicycles have steel frames. The TW200 has a frame that weighs 278 pounds while the XT250s frame is slightly heavier, at 291 pounds. The tires on each bike also differ. The TW200 has a 130/80 18 tire and a unique 180/80 14 rear tire. On the hand the XT250 features a 2.75/21 tire and a 120/80 18 rear tire. It’s important to note that the TW200 has limited tire options due to its design, which might be something potential buyers should consider.

Ground Clearance and Seat Height

Ground clearance plays a role for off road bikes and in this aspect the TW200 offers a clearance of 10.4 inches while the XT250 stands slightly taller at 11.2 inches. As for seat height the TW200 measures at 31.1 inches while the XT250 is slightly higher at 31.9 inches.

Fuel Capacity & Mileage

Fuel capacity and mileage are factors that can affect how far you can ride without refueling. The TW200 has a tank capacity of 1.8 gallons. Provides a mileage of about 78 miles per gallon. On the hand with its larger tank holding up to 2.6 gallons the XT250 offers lower fuel efficiency with around 76 miles, per gallon.


The braking system is one area where the XT250 really stands out. It has front and rear disc brakes, which provide an advantage, over the TW200 in terms of stopping power and safety. 

Ultimately when deciding between the TW200 and XT250 it will primarily come down to preferences riding style and the types of terrains you plan to ride on. Both bikes are options for, off road enthusiasts so understanding their specifications can assist you in making the choice based on your specific needs.

Things to Consider

Apart, from the specifications there are additional factors and features of the Yamaha TW200 and XT250 that potential buyers should take into account. These observations come from riders firsthand experiences. Can greatly impact satisfaction with the bike.

Seat Comfort: The seating arrangement on a motorcycle plays a role in the riding experience during long journeys. The XT250 has a seat profile offering a streamlined feel for riders. However passengers may find it less comfortable compared to the seat of the TW200. If you plan on having passengers or prioritize comfort during your rides the TW200 might be a choice.

Skid Plate Protection: When it comes to roading protection is paramount. The TW200 comes equipped with a skid plate that provides added safeguarding for the bikes underbelly. On the hand this feature is absent in the XT250. If you frequently encounter terrains you might want to consider adding an aftermarket skid plate to enhance protection for your XT250.

Cycle Rack Options:For, off road adventures where storage and gear carrying capability are factors both bikes offer cycle rack options that can be added as needed.

These racks are extremely useful, for individuals who are preparing for camping trips or extended travels as they provide a way to transport equipment.

User Feedback and Opinions, from the community

TW200 vs XT250 User Feedback and Opinions TW200 vs XT250 User Feedback and Opinions

When it comes to buying a motorcycle getting feedback directly from riders is incredibly valuable. The Yamaha TW200 and XT250 have both received opinions from riders that provide insights into how they perform in real world situations.

TW200: One of the things that sets the TW200 apart is its fat tire design, which gives it a look. Riders often praise its reliability particularly when riding off road in conditions like sand and mud. Additionally the TW200 has built a community of fans who share their modifications, tips and trail experiences highlighting its cult status among off road enthusiasts.

XT250: The XT250 features a design and is considered a versatile off roader. Riders appreciate its performance, its throttle and ability to handle different types of terrain. Its fuel injection system is also worth mentioning as it allows for performance at elevations.

General Observations: Across platforms many users emphasize the importance of considering your intended type of riding. For example if you often ride with friends who have bikes the XT250 might be more suitable, for you. On the hand if you prefer scenic rides the TW200 would be an excellent choice.

Essentially although both bikes have their advantages taking into account user feedback offers insights, into the real world experiences of owning and riding the TW200 and XT250. This can greatly assist in making a informed decision.


The Yamaha TW200 and XT250 are, off road motorcycles that cater to types of riders. The TW200 has a design that appeals to those who want a look and enjoy being part of a dedicated community. On the hand the XT250 offers versatility and performance for terrains. When choosing between the two it ultimately depends on needs riding environments and personal preferences in terms of aesthetics. Prospective buyers are encouraged to consider the specifications, user feedback and their own riding goals before making a decision. Regardless of which bike they choose both promise an exhilarating, off road experience. Will bring years of joy to their riders.

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