SSR 450 top speed SSR 450 top speed

Since the moment my gaze fell upon the SSR 450 I was immediately captivated. It wasn’t its stylish design or the promise of an exhilarating ride that caught my attention but also the hushed conversations and rumors surrounding its incredible top speed. Wherever I went fellow riders couldn’t. Talk about its velocity making it stand out in the realm of dirt bikes. Naturally my curiosity got the best of me. I felt compelled to experience it. Join me as I embark on a journey to explore the appeal of the SSR 450 and uncover the truth, behind its top speed.

SSR 450 top speed

When we discuss speeds the SSR 450 stands out from the rest. The talk, about its speed of 87 mph is not just gossip; it truly showcases its exceptional engineering.. What factors contribute to this accomplishment?

First and foremost aerodynamics play a role. The design of the SSR 450 focuses on reducing drag allowing it to effortlessly slice through the air with efficiency. Additionally careful consideration has been given to weight distribution and balance ensuring that power is effectively transferred to the ground for momentum. Furthermore the transmissions quality guarantees that each gear shift optimizes the engines power output propelling the bike closer to its speed. It is important to acknowledge that real world conditions like terrain and wind resistance can have an impact, on achieving the speed. Nevertheless there is no denying that the SSR 450 has rightfully earned its reputation as a speed demon.

SSR 450 Overview

When it comes to, off road motorcycles the SSR 450 holds a place. It has gained popularity since its introduction by SSR Motorsports. What makes the SSR 450 is not only its history but also its innovative features.

With a liquid cooled 4 stroke engine the SSR 450 delivers a 36 horsepower at 8,500 rpm. This power enables it to reach speeds with some riders reporting speeds of up to 87 mph. Combine this with a 5 speed transmission and a hydraulic clutch. You have a machine that excels in both speed and precision. The design is a blend of engineering and rider focused features making the SSR 450 stand out in its class by setting new standards, for performance and agility.

Engine TypeSingle Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Liquid Cooled
Displacement449 cc
Bore x Stroke96 mm x 62.1 mm
Compression Ratio11 : 1
Rated Output43.5 hp @ 7,500 rpm
Fuel SupplyCarburetor, 36 mm
StarterElectric / Kick
Transmission5-speed Manual; 1-down, 4-up
Front Suspension48 mm Rebound / Compression Adjustable Forks, Inverted; 315 mm Travel
Rear SuspensionSpring Pre-load and Rebound Adjustable Shock; 270 mm Travel
Front Brake240 mm Disc w/ 2 Piston Caliper
Rear Brake240 mm Disc
Front Wheel / TireAluminum Alloy / CST® 80/100 – 21
Rear Wheel / TireAluminum Alloy / CST® 110/100 – 18
FrameAluminum Alloy
SwingarmAluminum Alloy, “Straight” Type
Wheelbase59 inches
Seat Height37.8 inches
Ground Clearance12.2 inches
Fuel Tank2.1 gallons
Weight265 pounds
L x W x H91 x 32.5 x 51 inches

How much HP does a SSR 450 have?

When I delve into the specifications of my SSR 450 what truly amazes me is its horsepower. This large dirt bike, equipped with an engine impressively delivers a 43.5 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. It’s this power, along, with its remarkable features that establishes the SSR 450 as an undeniable force to be reckoned with.

SSR 450 vs Honda 450

Since I first started exploring the world of, off road motorcycling I’ve always had my eyes peeled for the finest bikes available. The Honda CRF450X quickly became my go to choice due to its reputation. With its 449cc engine and an impressive top speed of 85 mph it never failed me on any trail.

However everything changed when I stumbled upon the SSR 450. The buzz surrounding it was impossible to ignore. The claims of reaching speeds up to 87 mph had me captivated.. When I took into account its lower price compared to the Honda my interest skyrocketed even more.

To put the SSR 450 to the test I decided to participate in an off road races with it. To my astonishment it held its own. Often finished side by side or even ahead of motorcycles like the Honda CRF450X. This firsthand experience truly opened my eyes. It wasn’t about what was written on paper; the SSR 450 undeniably delivered performance on the track.

In my journey as a rider while there will always be a place in my heart, for the beloved classic Honda CRF450X, the SSR 450 has managed to carve out its own unique spot. It’s not a motorcycle; it represents something a symbol that proves that remarkable performance speed and affordability can coexist harmoniously.

Riders’ Verdict: Real-world Experiences

SSR 450 Real world Experiences SSR 450 Real world Experiences

When I first considered getting the SSR 450 I was immediately drawn to its specifications. However as any experienced rider knows there is a disparity, between what appears on paper and what happens on the road. Consequently I decided to delve into the matter and seek accounts from fellow riders who have truly put the SSR 450 to the test.

At an off road event I had the pleasure of meeting Jake, who had been riding the SSR 450 for over a year. He couldn’t contain his enthusiasm when discussing its performance. “Don’t pay attention to the claimed top speed of 87 mph ” he advised me. “It’s really about how agile and responsive this bike’s on challenging terrains that impressed me beyond measure.”

Then there was Mia, a racer who made the switch from an established brand to the SSR 450. She confessed, “On paper my previous bike had specifications. However when it came down to racing on tracks I found that the SSR 450 felt more nimble and perfectly in sync with my riding style.”

These real life experiences resonated with my thoughts. The allure of the SSR 450 extended beyond figures and statistics alone. It was about experiencing that connection, between rider and road – a sensation that truly set this bike apart.

Turbocharging the SSR 450: Tips and Tweaks

When I first got my hands on the SSR 450 I was really impressed, with how it performed.. Since I’m an enthusiast I couldn’t resist the temptation to experiment and see if I could get more speed and power out of it. After consulting with experts and doing some tinkering myself here’s what I’ve discovered about turbocharging the SSR 450.

1. Enhancing Air Intake and Exhaust System:One of the suggestions I received was to upgrade the air intake and exhaust system. By improving how the engine breathes you can significantly enhance its efficiency and power output. Brands like K&N offer high flow air filters that can make a difference.

2. Fine tuning the Carburetor:The SSR 450 comes with a carburetor for stock performance. However by making some adjustments or even upgrading it you can optimize fuel delivery resulting in improved throttle response and top speed. Personally I opted for a jet kit, which made a difference.

3. Using Lightweight Components: Reducing the bikes weight can directly impact its speed. To achieve this I replaced some of the stock parts, with aftermarket alternatives. This not boosted speed. Also enhanced the bikes agility.

4.Regular maintenance is essential, for keeping the SSR 450 in top notch shape. It’s not about making modifications; it’s about taking care of the bike to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. I’ve found that regular oil changes, cleaning the air filter and maintaining tire pressure have been key, in keeping my bike running efficiently.

5. Professional Dyno Testing: After making these tweaks, I took my SSR 450 for dyno testing. This helped me gauge the actual improvements in horsepower and torque, allowing for further fine-tuning.

In conclusion, while the SSR 450 is a powerhouse on its own, with a bit of expert tweaking and diligent maintenance, you can truly unlock its full potential. For me, it’s been a journey of discovery, pushing the boundaries of what this incredible machine can achieve.


My experience, with the SSR 450 has been absolutely thrilling. From being fascinated by its specifications on paper to feeling its power on challenging terrains and then pushing its boundaries through adjustments and modifications it has truly been a journey. The combination of its speed, exceptional performance and versatility truly distinguishes the SSR 450 from others. However the story doesn’t stop there. I’m eager to hear from riders. Have you tested the SSR 450 to its limits? What has your experience been, like? Lets continue this adventure together exchanging insights and celebrating the excitement of riding.

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