Ssr 150 Top Speed Ssr 150 Top Speed

From the moment I first saw the SSR 150 it immediately caught my attention. The sleek design and the rumors of its performance sparked my curiosity leaving me with a desire to know more. However beyond its appearance and the positive feedback it has received there was one burning question that kept running through my mind; What is the maximum speed that the SSR 150 can reach?

This particular inquiry seems to resonate within motorcycle communities and, among enthusiasts. As I embark on this quest, for answers I extend an invitation for you to join me in unraveling the velocity of this machine. Together lets uncover how fast the SSR 150 is capable of going.

SSR 150 top speed(How fast does a 150 SSR go?)

The SSR 150 also known as the Rowdy 150 has gained a lot of attention especially when it comes to its speed. According to SSR Motorsports this scooter can officially reach a speed of 55 mph. This is quite impressive considering its 150 cc engine that’s air cooled and has a cylinder and four stroke design. It generates a 13.4 horsepower, at 9,000 rpm. The lightweight construction and aerodynamic shape are factors contributing to its speed.

However real world experiences sometimes tell a story. Some riders have mentioned that the SSR 150 actually reaches speeds closer to 45 mph under conditions. Factors such as the type of terrain the weight of the rider and the overall condition of the scooter can influence these results.

While this potential difference of 10 mph might raise some questions it’s important to remember that official statistics are usually obtained under circumstances. Nonetheless achieving a speed of 45 mph with an engine is still quite impressive. Highlights the excellent engineering, behind the Rowdy 150.

SSR 150 Overview

SSR 150 Overview SSR 150 Overview
SSR 150

The SSR 150 also known as the Rowdy 150 showcases its functionality and design. It comes from SSR Motorsports, a company based in Norwalk, California with a history of importing and distributing, off road vehicles. The Rowdy 150 stands out in the scooter market with its approach. 

Unlike scooters the Rowdy 150 boasts an appearance that appeals to those seeking practicality but desiring a departure from traditional European designs. Beneath its exterior lies a powerful 150 cc air cooled single cylinder four stroke engine. With dimensions of 62 mm x 49.6 mm, for bore and stroke and a compression ratio of 9.8;1 this engine generates an output of 13.4 horsepower at 9,000 rpm.

Such power enables the Rowdy to reach speeds up to 55 mph. Not is the scooters design distinctive. Its also engineered with external frame rails that provide additional protection. Safety is prioritized through hydraulic disc brakes on both the front (220 mm) and rear (190 mm).

A notable aspect of the Rowdy 150 is its seating arrangement. The dual-purpose seat caters to both solo and duo riders. Solo riders can pivot the passenger pad upwards, using it as a backrest for enhanced comfort. Additionally, the scooter provides lockable storage compartments at both ends, boasting a combined payload capacity of 14.3 pounds.

Engine TypeSingle Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled
Displacement150 cc
Bore x Stroke62 mm x 49.6 mm
Compression Ratio9.8 : 1
Rated Output13.4 hp @ 9,000 rpm
Fuel SupplyCarburetor, 28 mm
StarterElectric / Kick
Transmission5-speed Manual; 1-down, 4-up
Front SuspensionHydraulic, Inverted; 230 mm Travel
Rear Suspension450 mm Spring Pre-load and Rebound Adjustable Shock; 180 mm Travel
Front Brake220 mm Disc
Rear Brake190 mm Disc
Front Wheel / TireAluminum Alloy / 70/100 – 17
Rear Wheel / TireAluminum Alloy / 90/100 – 14
FrameCast Steel w/ Formed Steel Tube
SwingarmSteel, Box Section
Wheelbase51.5 inches
Seat Height33.5 inches
Ground Clearance11 inches
Fuel Tank1.58 gallons
Weight227 pounds
L x W x H73.2 x 31 x 44 inches
ColorsWhite, Blue

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SSR 150 vs CRF150R


When comparing the SSR 150 and the Honda CRF150R you can observe differences, in their design and performance. The SSR 150 also known as the Rowdy 150 is manufactured by SSR Motorsports, a company based in Norwalk, California. This scooter has a price tag of $2,359. On the hand the Honda CRF150R, produced by the renowned Japanese brand Honda comes with a price of $5,199.

The SSR 150 is powered by an air cooled single cylinder engine with a displacement of 150cc. In contrast the Honda CRF150R boasts a liquid cooled single cylinder engine with a displacement of 149cc. The compression ratios are also different between them; the SSR 150 has a ratio of 9.8;1 while the CRF150R features an 11.7;1 ratio. Both motorcycles are equipped with a transmission offering five gears.

In terms of dimensions the SSR 150 has a wheelbase measuring 51.5 inches which’s slightly longer than that of the CRF150R. However what sets apart the CRF150R is its ground clearance and advanced suspension system.

While SSR Motorsports claims that the top speed of their SSR 150 reaches up to 55 mph when advertised; real world evaluations suggest it’s closer to around 45 mph in actuality. Conversely thanks, to its engineering prowess Honda claims that their CRF150R can achieve speeds ranging from 55 to 65 mph.

It’s important to note that the actual top speed may vary depending on factors such, as the type of terrain the riders weight and how well the vehicle is maintained. When comparing their speeds directly the CRF150R outperforms the SSR 150 with its performance metrics giving it an advantage.

Riders’ Verdict: Real-world Experiences:

While the specifications provided by manufacturers give us an idea of what a motorcycle can do it’s the experiences of riders that really bring it to life. Many riders who have taken the SSR 150 for a ride have shared their stories pushing the scooter to its limits.

One thing that seems to be a theme, among these riders is the difference between whats written on paper and how things actually play out in life. While the official top speed of the SSR 150 is said to be 55 mph several riders have reported achieving speeds to 45 mph on roads. This can be influenced by factors like terrain, rider weight and proper maintenance.

Furthermore many riders appreciate how agile and nimble the SSR 150 is in city traffic making it easy to maneuver through spaces. However some have mentioned that regular tune ups are necessary to keep its performance at its best. In essence while there are aspects, about the SSR 150 real world experiences highlight the importance of understanding its unique characteristics and potential limitations.

Turbocharging the SSR 150: Tips and Tweaks

If you’re eager to maximize the speed of your SSR 150 there are adjustments and improvements that can be considered. Experts, in this field have kindly shared some advice to assist riders in achieving their goal.

1. Improving Air Intake and Exhaust System; One option is to upgrade to a performance air filter, which enhances airflow. Additionally installing an aftermarket exhaust system can reduce backpressure allowing the engine to breathe efficiently and generate increased power.

2. Carburetor Adjustment; Fine tuning the carburetor settings to allow for a fuel mixture can potentially enhance the combustion process leading to an increase in top speed.

3. Enhancing Traction with Performance Tires; Investing in high quality tires can significantly improve grip and stability particularly when riding at speeds.

4. Embracing Lightweight Components; Swapping out parts with alternatives can effectively reduce the overall weight of the bike resulting in better acceleration and improved top speed.

5. Regular Maintenance for Optimal Performance; Keeping the engine finely tuned, adhering to oil changes and ensuring lubrication and tension of the chain can make a substantial difference in overall performance.

6. Gearing Adjustments; Modifying sprocket sizes allows for optimizing both speed and acceleration characteristics of your bike.

While these modifications undoubtedly have the potential to enhance your SSR 150s performance it is crucial to prioritize safety considerations when making any changes. Moreover it’s worth noting that certain alterations may impact your bikes warranty or its compliance, with street requirements.

It’s always important to seek advice, from experts before making any modifications and ensure that the bike receives maintenance, for optimal performance.

How much HP does a SSR 150 have?

The SSR 150 impresses, with its power output generating a 13.4 horsepower at 9,000 rpm. This notable performance showcases the scooters capabilities. Solidifies its position, in the motorcycle industry.

How many gears does a SSR 150 have?

The SSR 150 also known as the Rowdy 150 or SR 150 comes equipped with a transmission that offers five speeds. This feature enables riders to enhance the scooters performance on types of terrain and, at speeds making it more versatile and adaptable, for road use.


Our investigation, into the speed of the SSR 150 has been an exhilarating journey covering everything from specifications to real world performance and potential upgrades. While the manufacturers claims create expectations it is the experiences and feedback from riders that provide a more comprehensive understanding.

The SSR 150 with its combination of affordability and performance unquestionably holds its own in the world of motorcycles. However like any machine there is always room, for enhancements and personal touches. We welcome all readers and riders to share their experiences, modifications and insights. All the true essence of motorcycling lies in the shared passion and collective knowledge of its community.

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