KLX300 SM vs DRZ400 SM KLX300 SM vs DRZ400 SM

As I navigate through the city streets I’ve always been fascinated by the power and maneuverability of supermotos. Among the models available two bikes, the Kawasaki KLX300 SM and the Suzuki DRZ400 SM have caught my attention. These motorcycles serve as examples of engineering excellence sparking a curiosity, within me to explore their distinctive characteristics and similarities. Throughout this analysis I will share my experiences and insights to provide a deeper understanding of what truly differentiates each of these bikes from one another.

KLX300 vs DRZ400: Feature Comparison

FeatureKLX300 SMDRZ400 SM
Engine SystemFuel InjectedCarbureted
Gear Count6-speed5-speed
DesignModern & sleekClassic & robust
Performance23 horsepower, less torqueHigher horsepower & torque
HandlingLightweight & agileHeavier & stable
Tech FeaturesFuel injection, LED lights, no fuel gaugeCarbureted, traditional features
Riding ExperienceLower seat, suitable for beginnersTaller seat, for taller riders
Track PotentialSuitable for smaller tracksVersatile for varied terrains
Value for MoneyModern features, competitive priceReliable performance, higher price
Ideal UseCity commuting, practicingLong rides, off-road adventures
ProsLightweight, fuel-efficient, affordablePowerful, durable, large fuel tank
ConsLower power, less stable brakesHigher price, less agile, more maintenance

History and Background 

The Kawasaki KLX300 SM and Suzuki DRZ400 SM are more, than motorcycles; they represent the evolution and innovation in engineering. Kawasaki introduced the KLX300 SM in the 1990s to meet the increasing demand for off road bikes. On the hand Suzuki launched the DRZ400 SM in the 2000s, which quickly gained popularity for its impressive performance and adaptability. Throughout the years both motorcycles have undergone refinements to meet riders changing needs and keep up with advancements, in motorcycle technology.

Design and Aesthetics


The Kawasaki KLX300 SM and Suzuki DRZ400 SM are both supermotos. They have design philosophies that cater to the preferences of different riders.

The KLX300 SM embodies an aesthetic, with its lines and aggressive stance. It has an edge with its profile and vibrant color palette appealing to those who seek a fresh and energetic look. Beyond looks this design also offers advantages like improved aerodynamics. Modern features such as LED lights and digital displays enhance its appeal by incorporating the latest in motorcycle technology.

In contrast the Suzuki DRZ400 SM pays homage to tradition. Its design leans towards the supermoto look featuring a build and minimalist approach. This design speaks volumes about durability and ruggedness making it an ideal choice for purists. Even though it may not have the features of models its impeccable build quality promises longevity and timeless appeal.

Essentially while the KLX300 SM combines aesthetics, with functionality the DRZ400 SM stands as a testament to classic design and enduring quality. Choosing between them ultimately comes down to preference; whether you prefer flair or timeless charm.

Performance and Specifications


When it comes to supermotos performance is the factor. Both the Kawasaki KLX300 SM and the Suzuki DRZ400 SM have established their positions in the market. How do they compare in terms of real world performance and raw numbers?

Lets start with the KLX300 SM. It offers around 23 horsepower, which’s slightly lower compared to the DRZ400 SM but still impressive. The torque difference is noticeable too, with the KLX300 SM having 5 6 foot pounds less than its Suzuki counterpart. However despite its power figures the KLX300 SM makes up for it with its lightweight design. This makes it agile and responsive especially when navigating city streets and tight corners.

On the hand we have the DRZ400 SM which can be considered a powerhouse. Its higher horsepower and torque give it an advantage in terms of straight line speed. The suspension system of this bike is robustly designed to handle both streets and rough terrains. Although it weighs more than the KLX300 SM this additional weight contributes to its stability at speeds.

In conditions the KLX300 SM truly shines during city rides, quick maneuvers and tight corners due, to its design and modern features.

The DRZ400 SM is a choice, for those looking for a motorcycle that offers both power and durability making it ideal for rides cruising at high speeds on the highway and embarking on thrilling, off road adventures.

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Features and Technology

When it comes to supermotos technological advancements play a role, in enhancing the riding experience. The Kawasaki KLX300 SM and the Suzuki DRZ400 SM both have features that cater to riders. They also have some notable differences.

One standout feature of the KLX300 SM is its fuel injection system, which provides power delivery and efficient fuel consumption. In contrast the DRZ400 SM uses a carbureted system. While some purists appreciate the feel of carburetors fuel injection systems are generally more efficient and require less maintenance.

Another noticeable difference lies in the gear count. The KLX300 SM offers six gears providing riders with a range of speed options that’re particularly useful in city rides or various terrains. On the hand the DRZ400 SM has five gears. Still ensures a robust and reliable shifting experience.

However it’s worth noting that the KLX300 SM lacks features found in the DRZ400 SM, such as a fuel gauge. This could be seen as a drawback, for riders who prefer having all information available.

To sum it up the KLX300 SM comes with elements such, as fuel injection and an additional gear. On the hand the DRZ400 SM offers a conventional riding experience with its carbureted system and extra features. Ultimately your decision between the two would be based on whether you prefer an traditional approach, to riding.

Riding Experience and Comfort 

The true essence of a supermoto can be found not in its specifications but also, in the unique riding experience it provides. Both the KLX300 SM and the DRZ400 SM offer their experiences catering to different rider preferences.

Lets start with the KLX300 SM. One notable advantage is its seat height, which’s especially beneficial for beginners or riders who are shorter in stature. This design choice, combined with its weight distribution instills confidence in new riders. It facilitates transitions. Allows them to easily touch the ground when stopping. On the road the KLX300 SM feels nimble and agile making it particularly well suited for city rides.

In contrast the DRZ400 SM features a seat height that may offer more comfort to taller riders. Its weight and balance contribute to an stable feel on the road ensuring stability at higher speeds.

Feedback from riders suggests that while taller individuals may find the KLX300 SM somewhat cramped they tend to appreciate the spacious riding position offered by the DRZ400 SM. When it comes to braking performance stock brakes on the KLX300 SM are effective, with fading. However there have been observations regarding its rubber brake lines. Upgrading to steel braided brake lines could potentially improve both braking response. Feel.

Track Riding Potential and Versatility

The charm of supermoto motorcycles lies in their versatility. The KLX300 SM is an example. It has been designed with adaptability, in mind especially excelling on tracks. Its lightweight build and impressive performance metrics make it a strong contender, particularly when maneuvering through corners and short straightaways.

A noteworthy location to mention is the Apex Track in Paris, California. This track boasts a mixture of turns and diverse terrains providing a testing ground for supermotos. The KLX300 SM demonstrates performance here effortlessly handling both the asphalt sections as well as the challenging dirt stretches. Its agility and responsiveness truly shine, which has made it a beloved choice among track enthusiasts.

One of the standout advantages of supermoto bikes like the KLX300 SM is their ability to adapt to surfaces. They are skillfully designed to navigate both concrete and dirt without any difficulty. This dual capability ensures transitions, between parts of a track without any disruptions. The bikes design, combined with its suspension system and tire selection guarantees grip and stability whether you’re leaning low on asphalt or sliding through a dirt section.

In summary for those searching for a motorcycle that delivers an exhilarating track experience without being constrained by terrain limitations the KLX300 SM stands out as a choice.

Price, Value for Money, and Considerations for Potential Buyers 

When it comes to choosing a supermoto price often plays a role. The KLX300. Drz400 SM offer features. Are priced differently. The KLX300 SM costs, around $6000. Stands out with its features like fuel injection and a 6 speed gear system. On the hand the DRZ400 SM is slightly pricier at $7500 operates on a carbureted system and offers a 5 speed gear setup.

The real comparison lies in the value for money aspect. The KLX300 SM seems to provide bang for your buck with its technology and competitive pricing. However some riders swear by the reliability of the DRZ400 SMs tried and tested performance despite its price tag. When considering features versus price potential buyers need to decide what they prioritize more; advancements or proven dependability.

It’s also important to consider how you plan to use the bike. If you’re looking for a bike, for practicing commuting within the city or occasional joyrides then the lightweight nature and user friendly features of the KLX300 SM make it an excellent choice as it offers versatility and easy handling.

Ultimately when considering both bicycles it is crucial for purchasers to match their personal preferences, intended usage and financial considerations in order to arrive at a well informed choice.


Throughout this comparison we’ve explored the details of both the KLX300 SM and the DRZ400 SM. From their design aesthetics, to their performance metrics, technological features and riding experiences we’ve covered every aspect. While each bike has its strengths the KLX300 SM stands out for its modern features and affordability making it an attractive choice for city commuters and beginners. On the hand the DRZ400 SM has a proven track record. Is a reliable option that appeals to many riders. Ultimately the best choice depends on rider preferences and needs. Lastly I want to express my gratitude for granting me the opportunity to ride these bikes and share my insights, on the KLX 300.

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