Are Groms Street LegalExplained 2024 Are Groms Street LegalExplained 2024

You gotta try zipping around on a tiny bike like the Honda Grom! Those mini motorcycles are a blast to ride, perfect for newbies and experts. They’re super nimble and easy to handle. But the big question is – can you legally ride Groms on streets? We’ll break down whether those awesome little bikes are street legal so you can have maximum fun on your mini motorcycle adventures!

Are Groms Street Legal and Highway Legal?

do you need a motorcycle license for a honda grom 1 do you need a motorcycle license for a honda grom 1

The Honda Grom is a very small and efficient motorcycle. Its engine is only 124cc. This makes the Grom great for riding in cities. The small size means it can easily fit into tight spaces for parking. It also has good gas mileage and low emissions. So it is legal to ride the Grom on city streets.

However, things get more complicated on highways. In the United States, most states require motorcycles to have at least a 50cc engine to be legal on highways. But some states like California, Illinois, and Michigan require 150cc or 125cc engines. Since the Grom only has a 124cc engine, it does not meet these highway requirements.

The reason for the larger engine requirements on highways is safety. Small motorcycles may not be safe at the high speeds and heavy traffic on highways. So riders need to check their state’s laws before taking the Grom on the highway. Even though the Grom is fun to ride, following the law is important.

In summary, the Honda Grom is street legal on city roads due to its small size and engine. But highway legality depends on each state’s specific engine size requirements. Riders should understand where they can and cannot legally operate the Grom to stay safe and avoid fines.

Groms  Street Legality: A State-by-State Overview

Groms Street Legality A State by State Overview Groms Street Legality A State by State Overview

The Honda Grom’s Legal Status

The Honda Grom is a popular small motorcycle, especially for beginners. But its legality on highways depends on state laws.


California requires motorcycles to have at least a 150cc engine to be legal on highways. The Grom’s 124cc engine is too small, so it can only be ridden on city streets in California.


Just like California, Illinois requires 150cc engines on highways. So the Grom does not meet the highway requirements in Illinois.


Michigan laws say motorcycles need at least 125cc engines on highways. The Grom’s 124cc engine is right below this limit, so its legality is unclear in Michigan.

Local Regulations:

Other factors besides engine size can affect whether the Grom is street legal. Some states also look at horsepower or top speed. So even if the Grom’s engine is big enough, its power might be too low in certain areas.

Riders need to check their own state and local laws to know where they can legally operate the popular Honda Grom. Following the regulations is important for safety.

A State-by-State Overview:

The table below provides a snapshot of where the Honda Grom stands in terms of street legality across various states:

StateCity RoadsHighways/Expressways
ArizonaLegalNot Legal
ArkansasLegalNot Legal
CaliforniaLegalNot Legal
ColoradoLegalNot Legal
FloridaLegalNot Legal
IllinoisLegalNot Legal
MichiganLegalNot Legal
New YorkLegalNot Legal
TexasLegalNot Legal
WashingtonLegalNot Legal

Navigating the Legal Landscape:

Anyone thinking about buying a Honda Grom needs to understand the different state laws. On regular city streets across the U.S., the Grom is street legal and good to go. But on highways, things get complicated quick. Whether the Grom can be ridden legally comes down to each state’s specific rules.

Some states like California ban the Grom from highways completely because its engine is too small. Other states have limits that the Grom gets close to meeting but might still fall short. It’s a real mix of regulations out there!

So before hopping on the Grom and hitting the highway, riders have to double check what’s allowed in their state. Even if the Grom seems like a fun bike for open roads, obeying local motorcycle laws is a must for staying safe and avoiding tickets. It’s just another example of how complicated laws can be. But taking the time to research the rules is always worthwhile for Grom riders.

Licensing   for Honda Grom Riders

Across the U.S., you must have a motorcycle license to legally ride a Honda Grom on public roads.

Why You Need a License:

The Grom has a 124cc engine. That’s way above the 50cc limit that usually requires a motorcycle license. Even though the Grom is great for beginners, it’s still considered a real motorcycle by the law. So you need a motorcycle license, just like for bigger bikes.

State Differences:

The main rule is the same everywhere – you need a motorcycle license for the Grom. But states have some different specifics around licenses. Things like the license type, age limits, or other requirements vary. Riders have to check their own state’s licensing laws to make sure they fully follow them.

Registration and Insurance:

On top of licensing, registering your Grom and getting insurance are also required by law. You’ll need to get a title, pay fees to register it, and have at least basic liability insurance. This covers any damages if you have an accident while riding.

Following the licensing and registration rules is key to legally and safely enjoying your Honda Grom. While complex, taking the time to understand the requirements is worth it.

Impact of Aftermarket Modifications on Honda Grom

Customizing your Grom with aftermarket parts can make it your own. But mods can also affect whether your bike stays street legal. The rules vary between states.

Common Mods and Legal Issues:

Exhaust and air intakes are popular mods. But they can change emissions and noise a lot. That might break laws on emissions or noise limits, depending on your state.

Other mods like fuel, camshafts, and electronics also impact performance. The changes may not meet street legality rules.

State Differences:

California has very strict mod rules enforced by CARB. Many parts legal only in California won’t work elsewhere.

Across the U.S., federal and state laws apply to mods. Parts must comply with both overall federal and your local state standards.

Choosing Mods Carefully:

Research how mods will impact regulations on emissions, noise, safety features, and other performance areas. A part that’s fine in one state could actually be illegal in another. It’s important to keep your customized Grom street legal.

The appeal of mods is customizing your ride. But it’s essential to do so while following your area’s specific laws. With some research, you can pick mods that make your Grom truly yours while staying compliant.

Honda Grom Legality: A Global Perspective

Honda Grom Legality A Global Perspective Honda Grom Legality A Global Perspective

The Honda Grom is street legal in most U.S. states, but rules vary worldwide.

Europe and Canada:

  • The Grom is commonly allowed in Europe as a light motorcycle. Each country has regulations, but it’s generally accepted.
  • Canada permits the Grom on roads with the proper license or permit. It adapts well to different conditions.

UK and Australia:

  • The UK classifies the Grom as a light motorcycle. Riders need training and testing to operate it legally.
  • Australia allows the Grom, but banned sales due to lack of ABS. Complex rules there.

Asian Countries:

  • Legality in Asia differs greatly. The Grom is fully legal some places, restricted or illegal in others. Reflects diverse local standards.

European Union:

  • Within the E.U., the Grom is widely accepted as street legal. Some non-E.U. European nations also allow it, often with speed minimums.

The Honda Grom enjoys solid legality status in many regions globally. But requirements and restrictions vary significantly between countries. Researching local laws is key.

Are Groms Road Legal in the UK?

Yes, Groms are allowed on UK roads. They are classified as light motorcycles. Groms need to have engines 125cc or less and power under 15hp. Riders must be at least 17 and get special licenses, training, and testing to operate them legally.

How Fast Do Groms Go?

The 2024 Grom’s official top speed is 59mph. But experienced riders can get up to 73mph with good RPM management. This shows the Grom can exceed its stated speed in the right conditions.

What Class of Bike is a Grom?

Honda puts the Grom in their “miniMOTO” category. These tiny bikes have very small engines, usually 125cc or less. Groms are often called “pocket bikes” or “minibikes” because of their compact size.

Can You Make Groms Faster?

Yes, you can mod a Grom to change how it performs. Different sprocket sizes redistribute speed – gaining in one area but losing in another. So mods don’t really add full speed, just shift the bike’s dynamics around.


While the Honda Grom is a popular bike worldwide, its legality differs across countries. The most important thing for Grom riders is knowing your local laws inside and out. From engine limits in some U.S. states to license rules in the UK to safety standards in Australia, there are all kinds of specific regulations. The Grom may be allowed in one place but restricted or even illegal in another.

So make sure to research the ins and outs of exactly where you plan to ride your Grom. Understanding the specific requirements where you live and anywhere you ride will guarantee you stay legal, safe and avoid fines. With all the varies rules globally, it takes some work to figure it out. But that homework pays off big time for enjoying your street-legal Honda Grom to the fullest!

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