Africa Twin vs Super Tenere Africa Twin vs Super Tenere

In times there has been a growing interest, in adventure bikes and dual sport motorcycles with high capacity capabilities. These bikes have captivated riders who value versatility and performance. Among the range of options two models have emerged as strong contenders; the Honda Africa Twin and the Yamaha Super Ténéré. Both of these motorcycles come from manufacturers—Yamaha and Honda—who have established histories in the industry and hold prominent positions in the market.

However many people wonder why these two bikes are compared when they appear to belong to categories. The reason behind this comparison lies in their combination of features, which make them choices for riders seeking a machine that can handle both on road and off road conditions. This article aims to explore the details of these two models by comparing them across aspects helping you make a decision, about your choice of motorcycle.

Africa Twin vs Super Tenere : Engine Performance Comparison

Honda Africa Twin:

  • Engine Specs: 1,084cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine
  • Characteristics: Designed for better performance on unpaved roads.
  • Weight: Lighter than the Super Tenere, offering better control.
  • Sound: Superior sound quality, both at speed and when stationary.
  • Throttle Response: Steady and controlled.
  • Real-World Experience:
    • Highway: Adequate but not as exhilarating as the Super Tenere.
    • Off-Road: Excellent, especially due to its lighter weight and better control.

Yamaha Super Ténéré:

  • Engine Specs: 1,199cc liquid-cooled inline engine
  • Characteristics: Built for speed and can accelerate quickly on all terrains.
  • Weight: Heavier than the Africa Twin.
  • Sound: Not as pleasing as the Africa Twin.
  • Throttle Response: Instant burst of speed upon twisting.
  • Real-World Experience:
    • Highway: Excels due to its higher displacement and instant throttle response.
    • Off-Road: Adequate but not as nimble as the Africa Twin due to its weight.

Comparative Insights:

  • Engine Displacement: Super Ténéré has a higher displacement, making it more suitable for speed.
  • Weight: Africa Twin is lighter, offering better control, especially off-road.
  • Sound: Africa Twin takes the lead with a more pleasing engine sound.
  • Throttle Response: Super Ténéré offers an instant burst of speed, making it more exhilarating on highways.

In short your decision will ultimately hinge on the type of riding you prefer. What you prioritize speed or control. If you’re looking for, off road capabilities the Africa Twin would be the choice. However if you’re after an exhilarating experience, on the highway the Super Ténéré takes the win.

Riding Comfort, Ergonomics, and Stability

After exploring the realm of adventure bikes I’ve come across two choices; the Honda Africa Twin and the Yamaha Super Ténéré. Let me break down their levels of comfort, ergonomics and stability based on my firsthand encounters;

Honda Africa Twin:

  • Comfort and Control:
    • Relaxed seating position
    • Advanced electronics like multiple riding modes and a full-color TFT display
  • High-Speed Stability:
    • Exceptional stability during high-speed cruising
    • Ideal for long journeys

Yamaha Super Ténéré:

  • Comfort and Control:
    • Comfortable but fewer advanced electronics
    • Focuses on essential features
  • Nimbleness:
    • Lighter weight and lower inertial mass
    • Easier to handle on tight trails and sharp turns

Comparative Insights:

  • High-Speed vs. Nimbleness:
    • Africa Twin excels in high-speed stability, ideal for long highway stretches
    • Super Ténéré shines in nimbleness, perfect for tight turns and trails

To sum it up if you’re someone who appreciates a motorcycle, with stability at speeds and advanced control features the Africa Twin is the ideal choice for you. However if your main focus is on nimbleness and how easily the bike can be maneuvered in off road conditions then the Super Ténéré would be more suitable, for your preferences.

Off-Road Capabilities and Weight

When it comes to venturing off the beaten path both the Honda Africa Twin and the Yamaha Super Ténéré possess advantages and disadvantages.

Honda Africa Twin:

  • Off-Road Features:
    • Longer travel suspension
    • Lightweight chassis
    • Dual-purpose tires
  • Performance:
    • Exceptionally capable off-road, but sometimes requires clutch work on super slow sections.

Yamaha Super Ténéré:

  • Off-Road Features:
    • Adequate suspension
    • 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels
  • Performance:
    • Lower gearing makes it nimble on tight trails, and it’s difficult to bog down even on steep hills.

Weight Comparison:

  • Africa Twin: 505 pounds
  • Super Ténéré: 452 pounds
  • Impact: The lighter weight of the Super Ténéré makes it easier to handle off-road, especially on tight trails.

Based on what I’ve seen if you want a bike that can handle, off road conditions effortlessly the Africa Twin is an option. However if you prioritize weight and maneuverability the Super Ténéré has an advantage.

Suspension and Brakes

When it comes to suspension and brakes both bicycles provide experiences that cater to riding requirements.

Honda Africa Twin:

  • Suspension:
    • Fully adjustable front and rear, with 9.5 inches of travel in the forks and 8.7 in the shock.
  • Brakes:
    • Strong and responsive, providing confidence in various terrains.
  • Real-World Experience:
    • The electronic suspension option on newer models is superb and offers a smooth ride over rough terrains.

Yamaha Super Ténéré:

  • Suspension:
    • 8.2 inches of travel in the front and 7.9 rear, less adjustable compared to the Africa Twin.
  • Brakes:
    • Adequate but not as responsive as the Africa Twin.
  • Real-World Experience:
    • The suspension is good enough for most off-road scenarios but lacks the fine-tuning options.

During my experiences riding I noticed that the Africa Twins suspension offers versatility with its electronic options. On the hand while the Super Ténérés suspension is decent it lacks the level of adjustability. In terms of brakes the Africa Twin has an advantage when it comes to responsiveness.

Features, Electronics, and Rider Aids: A Rider’s Perspective

Navigating through advanced features and electronics, each bike offers a different level of sophistication.

Honda Africa Twin:

  • Advanced Features:
    • Six-axis IMU, multiple riding modes, cruise control, and a full-color TFT display.
  • Impact on Ride:
    • These features make the ride smoother and more customizable, enhancing overall control and comfort.

Yamaha Super Ténéré:

  • Features:
    • More basic, offering essential ABS and an optional quick shifter.
  • Impact on Ride:
    • While less advanced, the features are straightforward and easy to use, focusing on the essentials.

Based on my experience I have found that the advanced electronics of the Africa Twin greatly enhance the riding experience by providing a higher level of control and customization. Conversely the Super Ténéré takes an approach prioritizing functionalities that are easily accessible making it less overwhelming, for certain riders.

Pricing, Value, and What You Get: A Rider’s Insight

When it comes to pricing and value, both bikes offer something for everyone, but they do so in different ways.

Honda Africa Twin:

  • Price and Value:
    • Starting at $14,500 in the U.S., it’s on the pricier side but offers advanced features and electronics.
  • Additional Features:
    • Adventure Sports model available for those seeking even more features.

Yamaha Super Ténéré:

  • Price and Value:
    • Starts at $10,500 in the U.S., offering essential features at a more affordable price.
  • Additional Features:
    • Limited to essential add-ons like a quick shifter.

Based on my experience I have found that the Africa Twin comes with a range of features. It does come at a higher price point. The additional cost is justified by its functionalities and smoother riding experience. On the hand the Super Ténéré may not be as technologically advanced. It offers great value for the fundamental aspects making it a more affordable yet dependable choice.

Visual Appeal, Fit, and Finish: A Rider’s Viewpoint

When it comes to aesthetics, both bikes have their own unique charm, but they differ in the quality of details and finish.

Honda Africa Twin:

  • Visual Appeal:
    • Sleek and modern, with a rally-inspired design.
  • Fit and Finish:
    • Exceptional attention to detail, superior fit and finish that feels premium.

Yamaha Super Ténéré:

  • Visual Appeal:
    • More traditional, yet aggressive, with a focus on ruggedness.
  • Fit and Finish:
    • Good but not as refined as the Africa Twin, focusing more on durability.

Based on what I’ve seen the Africa Twin really catches the eye with its stylish design giving it a premium feel. On the hand the Super Ténéré may not have that level of refinement but it compensates with a tough and resilient design that many adventure riders truly value.

Similarities and Differences: A Rider’s Take

Both bikes share some core features but diverge in ways that could influence your buying decision.


  • Core Features:
    • Both are Japanese-made, 270-degree parallel twins with 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels, designed for off-road adventures.


  • Advanced Features:
    • Africa Twin offers advanced electronics and rider aids, while Super Ténéré keeps it basic.
  • Price:
    • Africa Twin is generally pricier but offers more features. Super Ténéré is more budget-friendly but less feature-rich.

Based on my experience if you’re, in search of a bike that offers features and you’re willing to invest more money the Africa Twin would be the ideal option, for you. However if you’re looking for something straightforward the Super Ténéré is a reliable choice.

Pros, Cons, and Final Recommendations

Feature CategoryHonda Africa TwinYamaha Super Ténéré
Advantages (Pros)
Advanced FeaturesYes, including advanced rider aidsBasic, fewer electronic features
Engine PerformanceMore powerful, better for long-haul touringAdequate but less powerful
Fit and FinishSuperior, more premium feelGood but less refined
Off-Road CapabilitiesBetter suspension, brakes, and ground clearanceWeaker suspension
Street SuitabilityLess suitableMore suitable
Additional Rider InsightsHigher ground clearance, lighter, cooler appearanceBetter for street riding, fewer issues, easier for two-up riding
Disadvantages (Cons)
PriceGenerally higherMore budget-friendly
Additional Rider InsightsTires with inner tubes, smaller front wheelHeavier

Final Recommendations:

  • Honda Africa Twin: Ideal for those who prioritize advanced features, off-road capabilities, and are willing to pay a premium.
  • Yamaha Super Ténéré: Best suited for riders who prefer a more budget-friendly option, simpler design, and better street performance.

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